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Cheap H2O at cvs


Managed to scoop up these (3) 24 packs of water along with 2 packs of candy (not pictured) for 2.42! I bought one and a coupon for 3.00 printed off. When I bought the 2nd with candy another 3.00 coupon printed! So I went and bought another water (substituted) and more candy 🙂


Back at it!

I am back on my couponing grind. My stockpile is finally getting low after taking a 1 year break from couponing. I am back at it like I never left!


Managed to scoop up these goodies for 5.99 after tax yesterday.
I used (2) $3/1 keri coupons, (1) $1/2 trident coupon, (1) $3/2 axe deodorant coupon (printed), (2) $1/1 Listerine floss coupons, (2) $3/2 vitamelt coupons (printed) and also an additional rite aid video values coupon for 2$/1 vitamelts sleep item.
In the end I used 13.00 in rewards from a previous purchase and received back 16.00 in rewards 🙂





New try me free rebate!


There is a new try me free rebate available in the Sunday paper this week!
Receive 8 products for free until the 26th!

Free products:
Fiber one protein bars
Peanut butter toast crunch
Honey nut cheerios medley crunch
Fiber one chocolate squares
Yoplait pro force yogurt
Liberte greek yogurt
Totinos pizza rolls
Betty crocker mac n cheese

Go pick up a sunday paper to receive the rebate form

Free Glazed Doughnut at Krispy Kreme!


If your anything like me you order a regular milk and doughnut when you go to Krispy Kreme. This is a joy to me.

Offer Valid until 4/21/13 at participating shops.

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