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Free Books on Kindle

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30 Healthy Desserts you can eat every dayScreen Shot 2013-03-08 at 4.27.54 PM

Coupon Millionare: How to save money and make money with the art of couponingScreen Shot 2013-03-08 at 4.28.21 PM


The Staycation Jar: 200 Family Fun Ideas For Creative Meals, Main Events, Silliness, Love Projects


Note: It’s best to download these while they are free and when you see them. They tend to disappear fast or the price will jump back to normal.


Free Amazon Book: The Rules of Money

This is a book a few people I know need to be reading! The Rules of Money: How to make it and how to hold onto it.

I’ve always been pretty good about holding onto my money.. especially since I have started couponing. This book can maybe explain other ways ( aside from grocery shopping) to keep your money in your pocket.

Download your free kindle copy Here

More Free Kindle Books on Amazon!

Free is Definitely My Favorite Word!!!

Smart Time School Recipes: There’s over 125 Healthy recipes in this book that also features kid and adult friendly dishes.

Quick and Easy Family Dinners: Features Recipes such as Baked Spaghetti, Barbecue Honey Ham, Creamy Macaroni and Cheese, Peach Crinkle, and Sunny Day Brownies.. Jeez.. My mouth is Watering Now…

Instant Self Hypnosis: This Book says it’s Fail Proof.. I’ve always wanted to try hypnosis.. so I thought I’d try a book on self hypnosis.. I’ll be blogging about it. ( Hopefully I remember…)

Click here for more Free Books

Free Books on Amazon!

You have to love FREE stuff!!! If you haven’t downloaded the Kindle application you don’t know what you’ve been missing out on! Click on the link HERE to download your application.

These books are absolutely FREE99! click the link and get the book sent to your app immediately!

Here are the books I downloaded:

Absolutely organize your family …A book on how to organize the house, keep everyone’s schedule together,keep up good eating habits….

I used to Know that.. A book on things you were taught in high school that you may have forgotten.

A Dessert Cookbook! One specifically listing quick and easy recipes.

The Cheapskates guide to grocery savings. A great book for the family or college student trying to save money on groceries. I haven’t read into this book but I’m sure there is a chapter on couponing in this book! 🙂

To get to the rest of the Free Books Click Here

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