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New try me free rebate!


There is a new try me free rebate available in the Sunday paper this week!
Receive 8 products for free until the 26th!

Free products:
Fiber one protein bars
Peanut butter toast crunch
Honey nut cheerios medley crunch
Fiber one chocolate squares
Yoplait pro force yogurt
Liberte greek yogurt
Totinos pizza rolls
Betty crocker mac n cheese

Go pick up a sunday paper to receive the rebate form


Free Stuff: Free 12 oz Soda’s at Safeway




Don’t you just love free stuff? Right now Safeway is offering free 12 oz soda’s with their in ad coupon. If you’d like this deal simply go to the store, find the ad located at the front, grab your soda’s and check out! I love when free items are simple! There is a limit of 4.

Thanks Queen Bee Coupons!

6/24 Seattle times good coupons



So I decided that I should start posting photos of the coupons you should look for In the paper every week. This week was a great one to begin couponing. Not only did we get doublers this week but we also got a bunch of great coupons (in the Seattle times we did).


Coppertone Sun Care Products: I don’t exactly now which stores have these on a good deal right now but I found copper tone products in the clearance bin at my Rite aid. They were on clearance for 2.49. If you use the 5.00 off 2 coupon you will get 2 for free ( you just have to pay tax).

Bayer Aspirin: There are a bunch of great deals for this one. At walgreens if you buy 7 it is a money maker ( Not sure how much), at Walmart a girl told me that it was a .78 cents money maker, and at Rite aid they have them on clearance for 1.99 ( regular strength) or 3.00 for the advanced. ( this coupon will be adjusted down to 1.99 if you purchase the regular strength).

Dole Pineapple: I used these coupons on sunday. It was great deal ( not sure if it’s still going on). Dole has a .50 cents OYNO catalina offer and it went great with the sale and coupon.

They were on sale .69 for 1 can. I bought 4, and used 2 .75 cents off coupons and received a .50 cents OYNO coupon.

.69×4= 2.76-1.50 in MFR Coupons=1.26-.50 Catalina= .76 For 4 cans of Pineapple.

This was a great deal for me because I always buy canned fruit to add into my protein shakes in the morning. Canned fruit is better than using the fresh fruit because it is faster and because the juice can also go into my shakes.

Heinz Vinegar: I use the Apple cider Vinegar to go in My collard greens so I was super excited about this coupon (I also doubled it at albertsons to get it for free). This item is cheap at a bunch of places, reports are that vinegar is only 1.02 for white and 1.07 for apple cider at Target. Making it only .02 or .07 cents for the bottle… GREAT Deal!

Schick Razors: I haven’t seen very many deals for this coupon but the offer in the paper states that if you buy 2 specially marked spider man packages you can get a free movie ticket! ( My boyfriend is READY!) so I’m hoping to find a buy 2 or 4 deal so I can get us 2 free tickets to the movie! I went to fred meyers yesterday ย and they were on sale for 6.29…. 3.29 wouldn’t be a bad deal but I want them for free so I’m going to wait and look around for a deal.

Safeway- Rolling Coupons For Cheap Food!

So I took 3 separate photos for this blog so I could explain Better.. I did 3 Transactions, and you must do them exactly how I did in order to Maximize your Savings.

Safeway is Currently having a Frozen Items Deal. If you purchase 10.00 worth of Frozen products ( Ice Cream, pizza, Microwave Meals) you will receive a coupon for 5.00 off of NEW Items.

The “New” Items are what confuses everyone. In the store’s frozen Aisle you will see “New Frozen Item” tags on some of the food items ( supposedly over 200 items… #CRAP)

You can ONLY use the “NEW” coupon on these items… which is where it gets confusing ( In my store.. all of the new coupons are at the bottom of the freezer.. not labeling anything.)

You don’t need to do this transaction exactly like mine.. (Unless you want the pizza on sale) as long as you purchase 10.00 it will work fine.

Transaction #1- You will need to purchase $10 worth of Frozen Items.

I Purchased:

2 Digiorno Pizzas.. Priced at 5.99 but used in Ad coupon making each pizza 4.79

1 Stouffers Steam Bag-2.50

Coupons Used:

1 Stouffers Steam Bag Coupon from this Past Sundays’ Paper.


Since my last Total made it over 10.oo I received my 5.00 Coupon.

Transaction #2

I purchased 4 Stouffers Steam Bags @ 2.50 Each

Coupons Used:

(4) $1/1 Stouffers Steam Bag Coupon from This Past Sundays Paper

$5 Coupon from Last Transaction

Paid: 1.00 Out of Pocket for 4 Stouffers Meals+ Received another 5.00 Off Coupon


Transaction #3

(3) Blue Bunny Ice Cream Bars- 3.50

Coupons Used: These Ice cream Bars had a 1.00 off peelie coupon on the front of the box

$5 Coupon From Previous Transaction

Paid: 2.50 and Received another 5.00 off Coupon!


The Almighty 5.00 Coupon

I decided to put this photo last because some of the deals are no longer available. ( the Crush Coupon Expired)

Snyders Pretzels- 1.69 with In Ad Coupon

There is a 1.00 off Snyders Pretzels Coupon from a recent Sunday paper that you can combine with Safeway’s in Ad Coupon to make These pretzels only .69 cents a pack!

Welch’s Juice-1.99 with In Ad Coupon

There was a $1/1 Welch’s 100% Grape Juice, Grape Juice Blend or 100% Juice Multipack Coupon in the 2/12/12 Red Plum… which will make each container of juice only .99!

ALSO, the Dipping Strips Pizza is printing out a $2.50/2 Catalina when you purchase a pizza.. This Dipping strips pizza is also on the “New” items list at Safeway.

Example Deal:

Transaction #1

buy 2 Digiorno… Get the $2.50/2 Coupon Catalina printout and a 5.00 off of “New” frozen foods Coupon

Transaction #2

Buy 2 Digiorno Dipping Sticks Pizzas… Use 2.50/2 coupon AND 5.00 Off Coupon.

Total: 2.50 for 2 Digiorno Pizzas



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