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New try me free rebate!


There is a new try me free rebate available in the Sunday paper this week!
Receive 8 products for free until the 26th!

Free products:
Fiber one protein bars
Peanut butter toast crunch
Honey nut cheerios medley crunch
Fiber one chocolate squares
Yoplait pro force yogurt
Liberte greek yogurt
Totinos pizza rolls
Betty crocker mac n cheese

Go pick up a sunday paper to receive the rebate form


Target deal find: free dental floss


Free Sample of the Day: Free Small Popcorn at AMC Theaters

Who Doesn’t love Free Popcorn at the Movies! I hate how expensive it is!

Click the link HERE and like them on Facebook to get your free popcorn!

Thanks Amber over at Couponconnections!

My Fat Rite Aid Haul 3/20


I cleaned UUUUP at Rite Aid Yesterday! They are having a HUGE Buy one get one 50% off P&G Sale  as well as Sales on Aveeno, and Clean and Clear.. So I stocked up!

Rite aid is also offering a $10 up reward AND a $15 Gift Card when you purchase 50.00 or more of P&G Items. ( Since you will be using your wellness card it doesn’t all have to be in the same transaction.)

You can only have 1 Up reward on all of these items so I used my Oil of Olay Coupons because they were the highest Value and were on sale.

(*Note.. I received a better deal on this stuff because I have a 20% off Rite Aid Discount… I shop there a lot)

In this Haul I purchased:

4 Oil of Olay Body Wash- 8.99

2 Oil of Olay Body Wash- 7.49

3 Clean and Clear Body Wash- 5.99

3 2.5 Oz Aveeno Lotion- 3.69

1 Aveeno Creamy Moisturizing Oil- 8.99

4 Oil of Olay Facial Cleaner- 7.99

1 Oil of Olay Regenerist Cleanser- 6.99

3 Oil of Olay Regenerist Facial Cleanser

The NEWSPAPER Coupons I used were….

(2) $3/2 Oil of Olay Facial Cleanser Products ( Redplum)

(6) FREE Olay Body Wash wyb Facial Cleanser (from the March 4th Paper)

 (4) $5/1 Oil of Olay Regenerist Face Cleanser

(3) $1.50/1 Clean and Clear Body Wash

(1) $1.00/1 One Aveeno Product

(2) $2.00/2 Aveeno Products

After Calculating all of my Reciepts..

I walked in the store with 20.00 in Up Rewards from the day Before..

I purchased Everything photo’d above and Came out of pocket 21.51 after using my 20.00 in Up Rewards.

I received 20.00 in Up Rewards from my Purchases ( $5 Aveeno, $5 Clean and Clear, $10 Oil of Olay)

so I basically spent 1.51 After all of those Items.. Not to Mention I have a 15.00 Mail in Rebate! Meaning I made about 13.00 off of all of these products! Lovely!

******Click Here to print out a copy of the Mail in Rebate

I did the Aveeno and Clean and Clear Transaction Together because I had to get my total over $10 ( So I could use an Up Reward) but both of my 5.00 coupons printed out!

*****If you are going to purchase the Aveeno and Clean and Clear make sure to grab the 2.00 off coupons out of the ad in the front of the store!

Here are the coupons I used for the Aveeno and Clean & Clear deal 🙂



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